It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…




One of the things that we love to do with the kids (especially when the glorious fall weather hits!!) is to take them on nature walks!  You never know what you will see, and it’s a great opportunity for hands on learning that lets them explore outside, in nature.

Using a template that I modified, I made cloud viewers for the kids to take with them on their walks.  Who said science walks need to be only nature hikes looking down at the ground for life science specimens?? Looking up can encourage different body movements and stretches, matching skills while you try and match the clouds to their photos, and also encourages some imagination while you try to guess what they look like.  This is preschool after all!  It may be a cumulus cloud, but it still looks like a dragon. :)

The Studio…


This year Discovery Studio classes will be offered weekly to all classes, but in addition the room is being set up to be a constant resource for our teachers.  The room has seen some slight changes and the additions of some new instruments, books, and even homemade games to encourage the kids to hang out and immerse themselves in science play on any day.

On the main chalkboard, lessons and concepts are introduced in a friendly way that is also interactive.  One of our main goals for the very near future is to get our garden up and running.  We will be talking quite a bit about gardens, seeds, and plants.  As we are discussing some of the concepts, little ones are encouraged to ‘draw’ with chalk worms that will help aerate the seeds I drew. ;)  Every student will be planting seeds in coconut coir.  By rehydrating the coir themselves we can discuss the properties of liquids and solids… and look at the change that occurs sometimes when the two are mixed!  It’s a great opportunity to talk about soil and what seeds need to grow.  We will use the coir to plant seeds in seed trays for our garden and in a ziploc bag each child will make their own ‘greenhouse’.  We are also going to look at some live worms and discuss how they help our gardens grow.

I’m hopeful that you will be seeing images of cherry tomatoes and broccoli in no time!  I can only hope that our garden grows just as quickly as our little ones! ;)

Spring is going to be magnificent!

Hatching chicks, emerging butterflies, launching water rockets, crafting hovercrafts, perfecting pocket chemistry, and so much more before the end of the year!

Check back for some great pictures of what’s ahead…

In the meantime here are a few pics from before spring break.

Square Bubbles??

DuBow preschoolers know bubbles are some of my favorite things! I challenged them to make bubbles that weren’t round. Success!


I am humbled and honored to join the wonderful staff, faculty, and students of the DuBow Preschool to lead explorations in the new Discovery Studio! After 15 years in the science museum, aquarium, environmental education, and children’s museum fields, I founded BoomScience, a science education business providing enriching programs for children and educators.

The Discovery Studio is a hands-on science center with interactive exhibits capitalizing on students innate curiosity about the world around them. Here, we will create dynamic and meaningful learning experiences in an energetic and creative environment. From hatching butterflies to launching rockets, racing balloons to building super bubbles, we find the science in our fun!

We want to extend these learning experience into your home! Look for simple, fun, family activities coming soon to this blog!

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