Carrot Harvesting


Even though freezing temperatures zapped our tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, we still harvested pounds and pounds of vegetables this fall. We had bowls full of green beans and sugar snap peas, stalks of bok choy, and several huge heads of broccoli. We loved tasting these vegetables both at home and at school.


Yet, today was the moment we had all been waiting for… carrot time!


Before taking turns to harvest, we remembered that a carrot is a root vegetable, which means it grows under the ground. We predicted that the carrots would look dirty when we pulled them up. We wondered how big they would be…HUGE?

We practiced grabbing the carrot stalk at the base of the plant and using big muscles to wiggle them free.

What color are carrots? ORANGE!

Three cheers for these garden bunnies!